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A studio tailored to organizations who desire to tell a story, speak their voice or fulfill their purpose.




Organizations have fascinating stories to tell. Stories of people overcoming tragedy to achieve triumph, overcoming great pain or living life in service and glory to God. These inspiring stories desperately need to be captured and shared with donors, volunteers and a hurting world.  


Story Options


  • Gala/Fundraising Videos 

  • Social Media Video Short Stories

  • Founder/Legacy Documentary

  • Life Story Narrative Feature 



Organizations are specialists in their cause and mission and they are equipped to serve a specific population. Whether your organization is striving to solve the world’s hunger crisis, helping individuals escape sex trafficking or championing individuals with disabilities, you very likely are specialists in your field and have valuable information or content that the world needs to hear or learn about. Story Life Studios provides a platform through social media, videos, sponsorships and education for you to effectively connect with an audience that is desperately thirsting for the information you have to offer.


Voice Options


  • Story Discovery and Direction

  • Video Content Development 

  • Online Curriculum Development 

  • Podcasts/Webcasts

  • Subscriptions  




Organizations often have ideas for growth or expansion but lack the objective perspective or resources needed to accomplish their vision. Maybe they would like to collaborate with like minded organizations to tell a powerful story and raise awareness for their cause but lack the industry experience and know-how. 


Purpose Options


  • Story Vision Consulting 
  • Collaborative Cause Documentaires

Gala Videos
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