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A studio tailored to people who desire to tell a story, speak their voice or fulfill their purpose.




Most people have a fascinating story to tell or would love to tell the story of a loved one. Whether stories of great accomplishment, amazement, tragedy, overcoming hardship, wonder or just something special—these stories need to be captured, shared and preserved. For the purposes of encouragement, motivation, education or sheer entertainment.  


Story Options


  • Life Capture Mini Documentary

  • Life Story/Legacy Documentary

  • Memoir Adaptation to Documentary

  • Original Screenplay/Book Adaptation to Feature Documentary or Narrative Film




Many people are accomplished and would consider themselves a specialist or expert in a certain field of study, non-profit or para-church ministry. They can provide specific knowledge, wisdom and perspective to a changing and confused world that is longing to hear a new voice. Story Life Studios provides a platform through social media, podcasting, sponsorships and education to effectively connect you with an audience who could benefit from your insights. 


Voice Options


  • Story Discovery and Direction

  • Video Content Development 

  • Online Curriculum Development 

  • Podcasts/Webcasts

  • Subscriptions  




Are you currently in a vocational bind? Are you laboring and toiling in a career path that no longer suits you, all the while believing your purpose lies elsewhere? Do you long to see your vision fulfilled but get trapped by circumstances? Have you started a new endeavor, only to realize that you need more knowledge, better support and the appropriate tools to accomplish your vision? If so, it’s time to take action!


Purpose Options


  • Discovery Process Coaching and Consulting 

  • Development Process and Direction

  • Delivery Support through Organizational Launch

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